Tips For Shaving Your Bikini Line

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There are many different ways to get rid of the hair around your bikini line. The major methods used are laser treatments, creams, waxing, and shaving. For many people shaving is the least expensive, most personal, and safest way to remove the hair around their bikini line. Waxing has the possibility to rip off some of the skin in the very sensitive area, and many may be uncomfortable about going to a spa to get the job done and have someone else that close to their bikini line. Laser treatments are too expensive for many and take several treatments with a doctor placing a powerful laser in a very sensitive area. Finally, creams may contain compounds that you're allergic to or may be too strong to use in the areas around your bikini line. So, for many, the best option is shaving. But if done wrong, shaving can leave your bikini line very irritated and stubbly. Here are some tips to help you keep your bikini line, or any other body part you decide to shave, smooth and irritation free.

First, make sure to use a fresh razor blade. Dull blades cause extra irritation because you have to drag it across your sensitive skin more times. Be sure to use proper techniques with a sharp razor however, because it can be very easy to nick your skin.

After you've equipped yourself with a fresh razor, there several things you can do to reduce the amount of irritation and ingrown hairs you might experience after shaving. First, use a moisturizer on your skin every day to keep it from drying out. This helps prevent ingrown hairs. Also make sure to take a shower or bath before you shave. This softens up the hair in the area you are about to shave and will ultimately reduce the irritation your experience from shaving. Finally, make sure to shave with shaving creams or other products specifically make for the thinner, sensitive skin around your bikini line.

If you do experience some irritation after you shave, do not shave again until the irritation goes away. It can make the problem much worse if you attempt to shave an area already affected with razor burn. Moisturizing your skin can also help irritation and ingrown hair heal much quicker than they normally would.

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Tips For Shaving Your Bikini Line

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This article was published on 2010/03/27