Advantages and Disadvantages of Bikini Waxing

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Men and women, both have unwanted hair. The ardent desire of a clean look has made waxing popular in different parts of the world. These days an increasing number of women are venturing into bikini waxing as part of the beauty regime. Although waxing of the pubic region has become a rage today, but this trend is actually thousands of years old.

Technically speaking, there are four types of bikini waxes. First is the traditional bikini wax that removes hair from outside the panty line. Secondly, there is the Brazilian bikini wax that leaves a line of hair above the vagina. Also, hair is not removed from the labia during this waxing. Third in line is the playboy bikini wax named after the sensual magazine 'Playboy'. Similar to the Brazilian bikini wax, the vertical stripe in front is left here as well but all hair is removed from the labia and the butt. Finally, it is the full bikini wax that involves removing hair from every minutest inch of skin in the area. As per professional advice, it is always better to resort to the regular bikini wax first and then gradually move on to the rest.

The process of regular bikini waxing involves the application of warm wax to the area around the bikini line. A strip of cloth is pressed on top and then immediately ripped off against the direction of the hair growth. A Brazilian waxing session focuses on the genital area and involves the removal of hair from the areas around the vagina, perineum and anus. However, a 'landing strip', which is a vertical stripe of two to three fingers width in front, is left. The procedure may require the therapist to trip the pubic hair to about quarter inch in length before beginning with the waxing. Then, the entire genital area is covered with talcum powder. Thereafter, hot oil is applied and the hair is removed by stripping off the cloth, pressed earlier on top of the oil. As in case of the bikini wax, the hair is pulled off against the direction of growth. Some beauty therapists use a slightly different approach. Instead of using a strip of cloth, they use just the hot wax, which as it cools; shrink wraps the hairs and pulls them from the roots. After waxing, any stray leftover hair are removed with a pair of tweezers. When the entire hair is removed, a soothing lotion is applied to the area.

The main advantage of a bikini wax is the feeling of liberation that it offers to women. It makes it possible to wear skimpy bikinis and revealing lingerie without any apprehension. Not to forget, the clean, smooth and shiny look adds on a 'feel good syndrome' to one's personality. Secondly, many men find the silky, bald look more sensual, which helps in achieving a more erotic and satisfying sexual life.

What tops the disadvantages list is the embarrassment factor. The procedure may involve certain awkward positions especially the Brazilian bikini wax. However, one must remember that just like a doctor, it is a routine job for a beauty therapist as well. Pain is the next aspect that troubles many. The method is definitely painful as the hair are removed from the roots and the area is extremely sensitive to pain. Nevertheless, the pain is not as bad as anticipated and lessens with each progressive session.

Despite the negatives, many find the positives of bikini wax more luring. Everyone longs to look fresh and sexy. The pain or the embarrassment seems a small price to pay for a clean, bald and sensual look!

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Bikini Waxing

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This article was published on 2010/04/03